Weight Loss and Nutrition

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Appointments can be arranged by telephone or email. Self-funding patients can refer themselves to physio. We do not require a referral from your doctor.


Weight Loss and Nutrition

Manage your eating, lose weight and feel healthier!  Our new service, The Mindful Eating Clinic, specialises in eating behaviour and nutrition. It’s a personal coaching environment where you’re safe to talk about your eating issues and learn ways to think differently about food and eating. 

Diets don’t work in the long term, with over 80% of people regaining the weight they lose.  This is because diets can be restrictive and unsustainable, and rarely address the reasons behind the weight gain or unhealthy eating behaviours.  Mindful eating does not promote diet-style restriction of any food groups or calorie counting.  It works with changing your approach to eating and tuning-in to the needs of your body.  This gives you back the control and understanding to eat normally, lose excess fat and maintain a healthy, realistic weight.    

You may have problems with emotional overeating, you may also have a long history of unsuccessful dieting or you may lack the knowledge to eat healthily.  It’s never too late to fix these issues and at the Clinic you can explore what has led to your weight gain or your unhealthy food habits;  with the right coaching you can learn the techniques needed to change and find a happy relationship with food.  The Clinic can also teach you about nutritional health and how changing your diet can improve your chances of weight loss success and your well-being (see Nutrition Profile below).

Lori, our expert coach, re-trained and set up this clinic after successfully fixing her own disordered eating.  Her experience means she is empathetic and understanding of all the challenges and behaviours you may be experiencing.   Lori is qualified in nutrition advice, weight management, emotional eating and behaviour change.

How to book

Book now for a FREE 20 minute phone or face to face consultation to find out how Lori and the Clinic could help you.  The face to face clinic is at the Ross-on-Wye practice, coaching also available ‘remote’ via phone, Skype or FaceTime. The cost is: £40 for 30 minutes, £70 for one hour, discounted packages available. 


To learn more about the approach of our consultant Lori, please go to her website: www.themindfuleatingclinic.com



Don’t just take our word for it, here are the words of some happy Mindful Eating Clinic clients:

Yvonne: “For most of my life I have been on some ‘diet’ or another and developed a very dysfunctional relationship with food. I tried every plan and diet going and nothing stuck….my mental and physical health severely affected by my yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits. With support from Lori I have ditched the diet and am developing ways of eating and living that serve me well and will last a lifetime.”


Georgina: “I really feel as though everything we have been talking about in the coaching sessions is starting to “click”. I have found it so much easier to manage binge urges and I have also made the decision to quit dieting and trust that my body knows what it wants – it has been incredibly freeing just to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full without overthinking it!”


Rosemary: “It was great to be dealing with someone who had been overweight and knew all the pitfalls and ‘cheats’ that everyone who has ever dieted has been through. The small changes to how and when I eat have made a big impact on my health and general well-being. I no longer have a bloated tummy; my digestion problems have disappeared.  I have much more energy and no longer feel the need for a nap after lunch, which means I get a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling great. Best of all I lost 10lbs whilst working with Lori but by continuing to eat ‘mindfully’, I’m hopeful I will continue continued to lose more.”

Make an appointment

Appointments can be arranged by telephone or email. Self-funding patients can refer themselves to physio. We do not require a referral from your doctor.


Process of Therapy

Icon of two people sat by a computer at a desk


The physiotherapist will take a history and conduct a physical examination.

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The findings will then be discussed with you and a diagnosis made.

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Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be compiled taking into consideration your goals and expectations. The physiotherapist will discuss prognosis and any further investigation that they feel you may need.

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Your treatment will commence. This may include manual therapies such as mobilisation or massage, pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment.