Health in the work place

Physio & Health Matters is the premier choice for DSE assessments due to their specialisation in this field and unparalleled expertise in the corporate environment adaptation. With a dedicated focus on physiotherapy and health-related services, we understand the ergonomic needs and challenges individuals face in office settings.


Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals is well-equipped with the latest knowledge and tools necessary to perform thorough assessments customised to meet each client's specific requirements.  This approach ensures optimal workstation setups and fosters employee wellbeing.

Physio & Health Matters not only boosts comfort and productivity but also reduces the likelihood of work-related musculoskeletal disorders by placing a strong emphasis on ergonomic solutions and workplace adjustments. Thus, they stand out as the perfect partner for companies aiming to optimise their workspace ergonomics and prioritise their employees' health and safety.

Corporate DSE Assessments

Your Solution to Your Health & Wellbeing

In today's fast-paced work settings, focusing on employee health is crucial. Our skilled physiotherapists provide valuable advice and practical strategies to cultivate a healthy workplace. From ergonomic assessments to tailored rehabilitation plans, our goal is to boost productivity, prevent injuries and nurture wellbeing.

In a competitive corporate world, employee health is crucial. At Physio and Health Matters, we offer tailored physiotherapy solutions for businesses, focusing on musculoskeletal issues and overall wellbeing. Partner with us to invest in your employees' health, boost productivity and create a positive work environment. Elevate your corporate wellness with our physio and health services to prioritise your people's health and happiness.

Prioritising Employee Health

The Ultimate Solution to Physiotherapy and DSE Assessments in the Workplace.

Our customised solutions tackle prevalent office ailments, including discomfort from musculoskeletal conditions, stress-induced strain, and ergonomic obstacles.  We provide services ranging from individualised counsel and ergonomic evaluations to treatments and informative seminars.

We aim to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to reach their total health and productivity potential. Choosing our specialised wellness services demonstrates your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff, boosting morale and retention and cultivating an environment rich in care and efficiency.

Join forces with us to nourish a workplace brimming with vitality, contentment and heightened engagement.

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