Kiran Sharma

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Kiran Sharma – Director


I qualified from Coventry University with a BSc in Physiotherapy in 1997 and since then, I have continued to learn through many post-graduate courses to fine-tune my knowledge.

Physio & Health Matters was created in 2000 to serve the local population. It was initially called Physio Matters until 2008, when I changed the name to reflect the additional services.

Biomechanics and understanding why the human structure fails in certain areas is a passion of mine. Over the last 20 years, I have been working on understanding the implications on the skeletal system due to limb length discrepancies. I have developed an understanding and treatment plan which has helped many clients over the years. I am now writing it into a training programme so others can learn from it and use it for their clients.

The other area I’m very keen on is developing the team through regular in-house training and supporting them with external professional development, which would enhance their treatments and give better client outcomes.

I have two grown-up children who mean the world to me. I love dogs and the outdoors, running, walking and most sports.