Client Reviews & Feedback

***** Colin – July 2022 (Redditch)
Many thanks Afsah. You have restored my confidence in addition to my health.


***** Claire – July 2022 (Ross-on-Wye)
Katie has been focused on helping me to achieve my personal goal of getting back running after a car accident in March caused whiplash and significant pain in my neck and back and the most awful headaches I’ve ever had. From the initial consultation Katie reassured me, she found the cause of the headaches and resolved some of the pain there and then. Katie has seen me regularly and has also given me exercises and advice of what to try at home to help. With Katie’s ongoing support I am now back running, only for short bursts to start with, as Katie has advised me on how to regain my running ability without compromising my head, neck and back injuries.
Today I ran for 10 minutes, for me this is huge as running has always been a way of managing my stress and is also something I enjoy and have missed terribly.
Katie has not only reduced the pain and impact of my injuries but also improved my entire wellbeing. I cannot thank her enough.


***** Chris – June 2022 (Knowle)
I had a number of muscular problems and Rewati provided excellent treatment, always looking for new options where appropriate, and encouraging me to maintain exercises. I would certainly seek help from her in the future if the need arises. Great service!


***** William – June 2022 (Ross-on-Wye)
Sanjeevni is by far the best physio I have been to. She is knowledgeable and the treatment is second to none. Would highly recommend to anyone!


***** Thomas – May 2022 (Ross-on-Wye)
I came to visit Physio & Health matters at Ross-on-Wye after hurting my neck on the recommendation of someone I know. I underwent an assessment by Katie, received exercises to perform at home and had manual therapy. One month on and I feel like a new person. I would highly recommend for everybody to try. Now my neck is as good as new.

I have continued to go as Katie is very good at finding and relieving stress on your body. All staff are always very professional.


***** Caroline – April 2022 (Knowle)
I’ve been coming to Amie for many years as I suffer lower back pain and my vertebrae move in and out on occasion. Amie always puts me back together again and she is very talented and very kind and knowledgeable. Physio Matter’s is a very caring place to go and it’s always a pleasure to come out happier and with less discomfort every time. I couldn’t be without them.


***** Annette – April 2022 (Knowle)
Can’t fault the treatment. Amie is fantastic, very thorough and professional. She is always a pleasure to see and makes you feel better just because she has such a sunny disposition. I have been referred to other physio’s but none compare. Excellent 👍🏻👍🏻


***** Bernard – March 2022 (Knowle)
I have visited Physio and Health Matters for three separate issues over the years. On all occasions I have been surprised and impressed with the knowledge and diagnosis of the issues that I had and the treatment that I received. Following the courses of treatment (and adhering to the exercises put forward), in all instances my problems disappeared.


***** Craig – March 2022 (Redditch)
I received treatment and advice from the physiotherapist in Redditch over 3 months from November 2021. They were very professional, polite & helpful. They listened intently and reflected on my concerns to provide a dynamic, thorough and effective plan of treatment and exercise which has had a very positive effect on my knee condition. I am very grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others.


***** Bernie – March 2022 (Ross-on-Wye)
Sanjeevni was amazingly patient she listened attentively and I really felt I was in good hands. I have just finished my course of treatment and decided to take up the sports massages with Sanjeevni right after her Pilates class, that’s how confident I am with the company. Everyone you meet is welcoming, pleasant and friendly, you won’t be disappointed with the service from Jess in reception too. Thoroughly recommended.


***** Emily – February 2022 (Ross-on-Wye)
Sanjeevni has been professional throughout my treatment, whilst remaining approachable and friendly. She is extremely knowledgeable and explained my treatment in layman’s terms, ensuring that I understood her treatment plan. I would highly recommend Ross Physio and Health Matters and have already directed a friend to the service.


***** Peter – February 2022 (Knowle)
Amy explained fully the treatment available, ascertained the goals which I wished to reach and worked unremittingly to help me gain those goals


***** Sue – January 2021 (Ross-on-Wye)
Excellent, professional treatment from Katie.


***** Pamela – December 2021 (Knowle)
I have to say I was losing hope re my painful back but Rewati has helped me so much she has given me confidence, I can’t thank her enough.


***** Kevin – December 2021 (Knowle)
Amie was very thorough and professional as always. Provided excellent treatment and exercises to continue recovery at home. I would have no hesitation in recommending Physio and Health Matters.


***** Anamika – October 2021 (Balsall Common)
I found Rewati very kind, intelligent and accommodating with all the questions I had. Great physio to be treated by.


***** Kaye – October 2021 (Balsall Common)
I have been having treatment here for many years as and when required. It has always been excellent and therapists have gone over and above to ensure good outcomes.


***** Louise – October 2021 (Balsall Common)
Good mix of hands-on treatment and setting of exercise plan.  I was really pleased that Rewati watched me run on the treadmill and commented on how my gait could be improved to reduce further injury.


***** Bethan – September 2021 (Ross-on-Wye)
Sanjeevni was lovely and very thorough with my physio! She really explained the process of what she was doing and my back is feeling so much better! 10/10 experience!

*****  Lydia – August 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
Excellent, efficient service and the treatment and follow up received from Apurva was detailed, informative and easy to follow. Thank you!


*****  Alan – August 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
Very nice, polite and helpful staff. Nothing negative to note. Helped me recover from injuries sustained via a car accident in a much shorter period than initially thought, couldn’t be happier with, or speak highly enough of the physicians that treated me.


*****  Stuart – August 21 (Balsall Common)
I highly recommend Rewati to any potential client. She’s worked wonders with my back!


*****  Bernadette – July 21 (Balsall Common)
Amie is a joy! Despite the difficult Covid regulations & latterly the heatwave her work ethic remained absolutely first class. In my opinion, both professionally & personally Amie would score 100%. I have already recommended her to family & friends & would certainly return if I needed further treatment. Additionally the Reception staff are also most welcoming. A huge thank you to Amie et al!


*****  Carol – July 21 (Balsall Common)
My whole experience at Physio & Health Matters has been positive and beneficial. Despite some initial apprehension, I began to make progress from my first appointment and this has continued throughout. Amie has been very thorough and very considerate, a first-class professional.


*****  Tony – July 21 (Balsall Common)
Rewati was brilliant. Firstly, it was great to be able to physically meet someone, rather than a phone consultation. Rewati was very attentive and thorough, and really helped me recover from my injury. BIG thanks.


*****  Neil – June 21 (Balsall Common)
Can’t fault the service provided and the resulting treatment by Rewati. Found her very professional and knowledgeable. Well done


*****  Liz – June 21 (Balsall Common)
Amie was absolutely delightful and the results of her treatment have been amazing!


*****  Tracy – June 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
I felt I was treated in a respectful and friendly manner at all times at the centre and felt listened to during treatment. The treatment made a material difference to how I felt – and I felt confident that my physio knew exactly what they were doing. I felt in safe hands. Thank you.


*****  Kieran – June 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
Brilliant service, couldn’t fault at all, over the moon with the results


*****  Barbara – June 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
Sanjeevni was excellent, made me feel at ease, understood my back issues, explained what she would do, gave me excellent hands-on treatment and an exercise plan to move forward with. Very pleased indeed with everything.


*****  Heather – May 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
Excellent service as ever!  All staff are knowledgeable, professional, readily put you at ease and explain problems/treatments in a clear and concise way.  The emailed treatment plans are also extremely useful and great value for money.  Would thoroughly recommend the clinic for any treatments or problems.


*****  Amanda – May 21 (Ross-on-Wye)
My husband and I have been using PHM for a number of years now. We were initially recommended by a friend and subsequently recommended other friends.

Extremely friendly and professional staff and very knowledgeable physiotherapists.

Thank you for sorting out my back and knee problem. The recommendation of a monthly visit along with exercises I can do at home is keeping me pain and surgery free.


***** Valerie – Mar 21
Excellent treatment and lovely staff. I highly recommend. Valerie – Mar 21


***** Kerry – Mar 21
I have been treated at the Practise for almost ten years. I am very happy with all aspects of the service provided and regularly recommend you to others. Kerry – Mar 21


*****Michael – Mar 21
I would recommend you and have to many, many people. You have a professional set up which is only made possible by the professionalism of your staff. Amie Button is a true magician with not only her obvious expertise but her welcoming approach…… (the receptionists’) attitude towards everyone that walks through the door puts you instantly at ease and makes you feel at home. All in all, you made me physically better but mentally I felt, and still feel wholly confident in the service you have provided me. Thank you.


***** Richard – Mar 21
Amie Button- the miracle worker


***** Stuart – Mar 21
I’ve been using Physio & Health matters for around 4 years and can’t recommend them enough. They always get me right again.  Thankyou.


***** Darren – Mar 21
It’s been a real pleasure. The treatment was spot on and given all the current difficulties with Covid, I still felt safe and secure.  I’m in a much better place now with my pain and I know that I can pick up the phone and arrange another appointment as/when needed. A special thanks to Sanjeevni who has been reassuringly kind and who was always smiling.


***** Lauren – Apr 21
Sanjeevni Sawale amazing from start to finish. Treatment has helped massively thank you again.


***** Heather – Apr 21
Bogdan is a charming professional who puts you at your ease whilst also being very thorough in his assessment, treatment and ongoing care.


***** Denise – Apr 21
A very welcoming experience every time. Many thanks.


***** Kaley – Apr 21
Rewati was brilliant. Really understanding to my issues and need to get me back to normal. She explained all the treatment and expectations of recovery really well, as well as being kind, polite and friendly. She really cared about getting my knee back to its’ normal strength!

***** Madeleine – May 21
I want to add a special thank you to Amie. She was always positive, cheerful and supportive and that together with great physio was so beneficial. Madeleine – May 21


***** Sarah – Mar 21
I just wanted to let you know that you picked a ‘good one’ in Bogdan. He is such a nice young man and an excellent physio who doesn’t take fools gladly! As you know I’m not necessarily the easiest patient to treat (although as per your instructions I am still using 2 walking sticks!)

Thank you (Jess) for being so lovely whenever I come in, admin staff often get forgotten in the grand scheme of things, as I know after 35 years as a medical secretary! 🙂


***** Jon – Mar 21
Attended Physio & Health matters regularly over the years for various injuries (back, knee, ankle etc), Amie the physio always goes above and beyond to make the patient feel comfortable, provides a great physio/rehab service and most importantly by the end the sessions, the injury is greatly improved.


***** Anonymous – Feb 21
Very friendly team and good physio thanks. Have referred to others.


***** Sarah – Feb 21
I cannot recommend Amie highly enough. Extremely professional and empathetic. And even better, I have been pain-free for the first time in years! Thank you.


***** Rosalind – Nov 20
My mother was treated here on September 8th 2020 for a very sore and painful neck. The result was 100% improvement. A second visit on September 22nd confirmed that the problem was solved. Excellent service and highly recommend this practice.


***** Emma – Oct 20
Having been visiting for the past 6 weeks due to terrible neck pain. Really helpful and effective treatment. I also felt really safe going there with good COVID-19 measures in place. Would recommend.


***** Annette – Sept 20
The treatment I received for long-term disc injury related back pain was highly effective. I now rarely suffer with any pain or limitations to movement……. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend both treatment and Pilates classes offered by Physio and Health Matters.


***** Trish – Aug 20
The professionalism of every aspect of this business, whether it’s the Pilates sessions or physio treatments, one feels in the hands of people who know and care passionately about their clients.


***** Jenny – Jan 2021
Given the current circumstance, I have not only been impressed by the management and organisation of accessible safe treatment at Physio and Health Matters, but the standard of physiotherapy has been exceptional. I have had back problems for 40 years and experienced numerous kinds of therapy, but the physiotherapist Sanjeevni has given me the most effective treatment I have ever had. This includes both a real understanding of my chronic problems, and an expert and intuitive application of her skills, coupled with useful targeted advice and follow up self-help. Lately I have been pain-free for a stretch of time and this has been so good. Thank you!


***** Henry – Sept 2020
Had an old back injury flare up during lock down, they were able to fit me in very easily. From the start Kiran was polite and more importantly filled me confidence that she will be able to help with my back. Kiran used informed constant for my treatment, i.e gave me the options for long term etc… and the pros and cons for each.

I have attended several appointments over lock down and their COVID-19 management are some of the best I have seen, the new online screening forms, temperature checks and staff in full PPE, if you’re shielding and you need an emergency appointment then you would feel and be safe here.

Would definitely recommend Physio & Health Matters


***** Frankie – Sept 2020
Went for treatment for a long-standing back problem, and Kiran was able to get me pain free in a few sessions. Now, I just go for a tweak  when I need it. I have supplemented her ministering with her great Pilates classes ( and I have tried many over the years!). Excellent!


***** Tony – Sept 2020
Thank you, Kiran Sharma and the Physio + Health Matters team in Ross on Wye for keeping a former rugby player mobile well into his late 70! And encouraging him to attend your Pilates class.


***** William – Sept 2020
Superb treatment for a nagging shoulder. Straight to the point – literally, ow! – and good homework exercises. No hesitation in recommending.


***** Richard – Sept 2020
Excellent service. Received treatment for a back problem, has really helped, appointment included comprehensive strengthening exercises for home. Would highly recommend.


***** Christopher – Sept 2020
Having had trouble with my left knee for several weeks, I went to see Kiran, who identified the problem very quickly and arranged for a series of treatments, which solved the problem.  Brilliant!  I also attend her Pilates classes, which keeps my 72 year old body more supple than it was before.


***** Marion – Sept 2020
I have had reason to use Physio & Health several times for various injuries and ailments!  The treatment has always been superb and successful.  Kiran really knows her stuff and I recommend this clinic without hesitation.


***** John – Sept 2020
I have used Physio and Health Matters for back related treatment but also sports massage and exercise programmes, in all they are excellent and would highly recommend, first class.


***** Glynis – Sept 2020
I have been attending Pilates classes here for more than four years – It is a weekly must-do and has made a considerable difference to my general arthritis.  I have also had treatment/acupuncture from Kiran on my 70 year old well-worn hands – remarkable improvement.


***** Jeannette – Sept 2020
I was crippled with back pain and have  been attending this clinic for a while now, got me mobile again, Kiran explained the importance of exercise, so I attend regular Pilates classes there as well.