You can find Shivani Agrawal – Physiotherapist at the following location(s):

Shivani Agrawal – Physiotherapist

I am Shivani Agrawal, a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated individual who thrives on multitasking. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in India and pursued a Master’s degree in Advanced Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. My primary motivation lies in treating patients and positively impacting their lives. I find immense satisfaction in witnessing their journey towards improved health and well-being.

Building a strong rapport with my patients is crucial to me. Establishing a connection based on trust and understanding helps facilitate their healing process efficiently. By providing compassionate care and utilizing my skills in physiotherapy, I aim to support my patients in regaining their physical abilities and enhancing their quality of life.

In my spare time, I find joy in cooking. Experimenting with different flavours and creating delicious meals is my creative outlet. Additionally, I have a deep passion for travel and adventure. Exploring new places, experiencing diverse cultures, and engaging in thrilling activities are sources of inspiration and personal growth for me. When I seek relaxation, I enjoy unwinding with some Netflix series, allowing myself to escape into captivating stories.

As a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated individual, I strive to expand my knowledge and skills in physiotherapy continuously. With a genuine commitment to helping others, I am dedicated to making a positive difference in my patients’ lives, both professionally and personally.