Offers until end of February

Posted on 20th Jan 2021 at 2:30pm

Physio and Health Matters have recently won a contract to provide embedded physiotherapy services into a Primary Care Network in Coventry. Kiran will be heavily involved in setting this new service up over the next few months and will not be available in our clinics much during that time.

To maintain our excellent standards of service we are delighted to welcome two new exceptional members of staff

  • Ms Rewati Bachute is joining the Balsall Common clinic next week and
  • Mr Bogdan Coca will start in the Ross-on-Wye clinic in the first week of February

Both have completed their Masters as well as BSc degrees and have significant experience in the treatment of MSK issues.


Special offer

By way of introducing these changes we are offering:

  • 30% off all 60-minute initial assessments* (offer price £56.00)
  • 20% off all follow up appointments* (offer price £35.20)
  • Sports massage – £25 for 30 minutes*


* Applies to all appointments before 26.2.2021 booked with

  • Rewati and Nikolaos at Balsall Common
  • Bogdan and Sanjeevni at Ross-on-Wye
  • Divya at Redditch


Call 01676 533106 / 01989 548314 / 01527 509346 or email / to book your appointment.