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Appointments can be arranged by telephone or email. Self-funding patients can refer themselves to physio. We do not require a referral from your doctor.


Referrals - Redditch clinic only

At our Redditch clinics we take referrals from the NHS for patients who need physiotherapy. If you would like to be referred for physio treatment you will need to first see your GP, if the GP believes you need treatment, they will refer you to a team called ICATS (Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services). ICATS will assess your referral and send it to the appropriate clinic. If you would like to be treated at Physio + Health Matters, please make the GP aware.

Once our admin team receive the referral, they will call you to book an appointment in one of our two clinics in Redditch. The waiting time for an appointment is usually around one week, however on occasion we do have appointments sooner.

Treatment consists of an initial assessment where the physiotherapist will have a look at the problem area and discuss with you what treatment is needed. You will then be booked in for up to six follow up sessions. If after these are finished, the physiotherapist believes that you need further treatment they will write a letter to your GP requesting more sessions. If this is authorised the admin team will contact you to get these booked.

The treatment we provide NHS patients varies per patient, however it is likely to consist of a mixture of hands on treatment, remedial or sports massage, electrotherapy and home exercises.

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Process of Therapy

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The physiotherapist will take a history and conduct a physical examination.

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The findings will then be discussed with you and a diagnosis made.

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Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be compiled taking into consideration your goals and expectations. The physiotherapist will discuss prognosis and any further investigation that they feel you may need.

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Your treatment will commence. This may include manual therapies such as mobilisation or massage, pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment.