Deep Breathing Exercises – Conclusion

Posted on 7th Jun 2021 at 9:20am

Deep breathing Exercises

Series conclusion

This series of exercises has now concluded, you should continue to carry out all five of the exercises

  • On your back
  • On your tummy
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Pursed lips

Complete 5-10 repetitions of each, once or twice each day.

We hope you have found this to be beneficial and would welcome your feedback, email us at

Deep breathing can help restore diaphragm function and increase lung capacity.  Breathing through the nose strengthens the diaphragm and encourages the nervous system to relax and restore itself. The goal is to build up the ability to breathe deeply during any activity and not just at rest.

Anyone can benefit from deep breathing techniques, but they play an especially important role in the COVID-19 recovery process. The exercises can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.