Healthy Weight

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Appointments can be arranged by telephone or email. Self-funding patients can refer themselves to physio. We do not require a referral from your doctor.


Healthy Weight

Is your weight getting you down? Do you want to lose pounds and keep them off for good? Are you uncertain how to manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable and satisfying way? Our programme is designed to educate and empower you, so you have the knowledge and motivation you need to manage weight loss and maintain your ideal weight.

We work with you to help you embed sustainable new eating habits with the aim of life-long change – the opposite to many of the quick-fix fad diets that saturate the media. Many of these diets focus on short-term weight loss through severe calorie restriction (which is sometimes achieved through the sale of their own processed ready-meals) or cutting out an essential macronutrient food group.

You will learn about what really constitutes a balanced, nutritious and tasty diet, and your programme will be personally tailored to ensure all nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your individual needs, lifestyle and goals.



Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have been shown to support the health of all the major systems of the body – skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, endocrine (hormonal), immune, reproductive and integumentary (skin, hairs, nails).

If you have a specific health issue or medical condition, then tailored support may be a useful tool in helping you manage your symptoms and promoting some balance in your health.

Nutritional therapy cannot cure or treat medical conditions – but it can complement medical interventions, and help you address diet and lifestyle factors that potentially may be contributing to symptoms.

For those with cardiovascular concerns such as hypertension elevated blood pressure), angina, strokes and atherosclerosis, your programme will be personalised with consideration of health markers such as your weight, body fat and deposition, cholesterol and blood pressure, alongside your diet and lifestyle analysis and familial history.

For those with neurological disorders, such as MS or Parkinson’s disease, dietary recommendations will be tailored to help you support your nervous system whilst also considering the cross-workings of the immune and endocrine systems and promoting the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Functional laboratory testing may be recommended to help us better understand your unique nutritional needs and help guide your bespoke dietary and lifestyle plan.

Make an appointment

Appointments can be arranged by telephone or email. Self-funding patients can refer themselves to physio. We do not require a referral from your doctor.


Process of Therapy

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The physiotherapist will take a history and conduct a physical examination.

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The findings will then be discussed with you and a diagnosis made.

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Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be compiled taking into consideration your goals and expectations. The physiotherapist will discuss prognosis and any further investigation that they feel you may need.

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Your treatment will commence. This may include manual therapies such as mobilisation or massage, pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment.