Breathing exercises for COVID 19 – Introduction 

Posted on 15th Apr 2021 at 12:33pm

Breathing exercises for COVID 19 – Introduction 

Deep breathing Exercises

Deep breathing can help restore diaphragm function and increase lung capacity.  Breathing through the nose strengthens the diaphragm and encourages the nervous system to relax and restore itself. The goal is to build up the ability to breathe deeply during any activity and not just at rest.

These exercises can also help to lessen feelings of anxiety and stress, which are common for someone who experienced severe symptoms or was admitted to a hospital. Sleep quality may also improve with these breathing exercises.

Anyone can benefit from deep breathing techniques, but they play an especially important role in the COVID-19 recovery process. The exercises can be started at home during self-isolation and easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Importance of position:

The airways and air sacs can be compressed when lying on your back as most of your lung tissue is on the rear surface of your chest. The compressed air sacs can compromise the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed and therefore, it is recommended not to lie on your back for a long time. It is advisable to lie on your side well supported with pillows in front as this will also help the gas exchange in the lungs.

Specific exercises to follow in the coming weeks.